Exotic food ?

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I am a big time food lover and i have a big appetite . The first thing i always think of when i hear the word Bangkok would be food. ( Tom yum soup , seafoods and thai mangos) Being a food lover i really love to try all sorts of food but there is one type of food that i will never try would be exotic food. When i first heard “exotic food” i was thinking to myself , ” i would really love to try those,” but after looking at what it really is , the urge of puking was high up for me. Sometimes i feel that “exotic food” are those really food ? Bugs, scorpions , monkey brains , starfish and dog meat etc. These kind of exotic food really disgust me . The furthest i went to try all types of food was eating crocodile meat , turtle and frog meat but of course i don’t eat them often and i’ve only tried them once. In 2008 , i went to China , i was out on the streets at night to have supper , there were numbers of street stalls but most of them sells all the weirdest kind of meat you will see and some even gave me the thought of whether it is edible or not. I have a friend who went to guangzhou and she was really surprised and disgusted by the menu of a certain restaurant as food that are in there are giraffe meat , monkey brain , dog meat and meat of animals that you would never imagine that it would be in the menu.  So far in singapore i’ve not seen any places that sell these kind of Exotic food unless i travel overseas. I feel that even making money has its limits because all these exotic food comes about because of money . Exotic food sellers may think that coming out all the different types of exotic food would attract people to try them ,  but there really is a limit to all the types of exotic. ” Scorpions” first thing would be poison and yet they are selling it as a exotic food . Well , basically i would never ever try these type of exotic food at all in my entire life unless its a life or death situation.



My type of stories.

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For the weekends i was basically trying to clear away my unwanted junks – worksheets ,testpapers. ( i would just tear those pieces away filled with joy) Chemistry, Biology and maths , i would just dump it away without any second thoughts. The only ones i kept were my english essays , literature essays and social studies test papers.

I was reading every single one of my essays that i could find and there’s always somethings in common, there is no happy endings in all of my stories and it will always have violence in it. The next thing i know is that almost all of my books are all related to gore , murder , survival , cannibalism,tragedy and mysteries. I would never ever choose books that are related to romance, happy family or motivational types of books because those will never appeal to me. Why ? Romance books never appeal to me because , the words they used are too cheesy for me even though i do like to watch certain romantic films but for some reason i hate reading romantic books.  Happy family type of books is another type which is in my “WILL NOT READ” list, because i find it too boring and somehow it too long winded. Motivational books , first thing first i don’t read them because i don’t require any motivation because i know how to motivate myself and in the past I was practically forced into reading a motivational book by my school every morning assembly and my eyes would always be closing. IT IS TOO BORING. Motivational stuff will never work for me , this applies to workshop which my school had organize , this workshop is by some famous guy which i am not going to name. I just find that his workshop are like brainwashing people into following everything they say . They made up a situation whereby your parents are dead and made you into a spot whereby you were a very bad child . Why do i say it was a brainwashing session ? Everyone was crying , the row of girls behind were like a choir all , all of their cries had different tones in it , though i felt bad about it i was really holding my laughter. In the end of the talk the students would just simply call their parents with the same sentence that the speaker asked them to say , ” Mum , i will study very hard for my O levels. Sorry if i’ve been a bad child all these while.” But all these only lasted for like 1 month and all went back to how they used to be.

Even though i know its so long winded on the motivational part but seriously motivational books are boring. Books that i read always have the murderous,gory,tragedy elements in it that is what drives me to read on , there’s suspense that kept me reading on the book , my record was finishing a book in like 2 days. This is the type of stories i like to read there must definitely be blood and murders. Another thing i like about these stories is they bring in certain history or fables into them making it happen in the current era. Thanks to all these books , my stories always have these elements in them. I love writing these kind of stories and i will will tend to give my characters a bad ending , rarely any happy ending. I remember once that i wrote an essay and my english teacher gave out a comment saying ” This part is really gory.”

I do enjoy writing all these gory details into my story but i can’t stand watching gore, especially “SAW”. I can’t stand all the blood and stuff really appearing before my eyes. Another thing is that , i love giving my characters a bad ending but i will never love to watch a movie with terrible endings because i find it a waste of my time . Weird? Yes , most of my friends say that. 🙂

Well thats all I have to say

Cheers !

Childhood deprived?

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Reading articles and  having seen it being put into action , in my opinion , children nowadays are childhood deprived. Well , basically my childhood is full with dolls , toys and attention, but as years passed , with society being more competitive and more stressful , education on children are getting more and more tougher with each year. Children are being stressed out by their parents of them wanting their child to get good grades. Therefore parents tend to enforce their ideas of tuition for their child thinking that , if their child go for tuition their grades would definitely go up. Well , tuition do work for certain people while it does not work on some.

Even schools puts stress on the children , by giving them tons of homework , mainly is because first the teachers wants their students to do well and next the school wants to do well. It’s not like the past where parents won’t pressurize you to study when we are still young . Nowadays parents even planned their child future by having all sorts of lesson . Do their child even get to enjoy their childhood ? No. Their childhood are now filled with endless pressure from parents and school.

Something spark me to write about this is because it happened to my cousin. His parents planned out everything , firstly is because his parents wants to show off that their child is really smart and next they want a comfortable life next time. My cousin is like having all sorts of tuition classes even though he is in primary 3. In my family usually sundays are marked as a family day but for my cousin his is marked as tuition day and its not one tuition per day but two !

I do believe that educating the child to harshly would drive them nuts and I believe that educating the child is good but do it simply first and not stressing them out. Children nowadays are being forced to do something that they don’t wish to do and some children can only look at other children play while they are at home mugging or having tuitions . They do not get to play with toys or watch cartoons very often. I believe everyone’s childhood should be filled with joy and laughter and not sorrow . That is why i believed children nowadays a really childhood deprived.


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First class of the day , Idea Jumpstart and it was awfully boring .

Next was Sports and Wellness , aerobics , i was praying that it would rain so that i wouldn’t need to run the 2 rounds for warm up and in the end it didn’t rain . More or less the two rounds around the track was easy since the pace was slow and the weather was the best for running . After the warm ups we went to the gym and had our first official aerobics lesson , the whole lesson was not too bad but it was kind of tiring with the raising of legs . The lesson ends at around 4.30 and after the sports and wellness i have my Ninja-Do cca , which i was already dreading it because i was already feeling tired from aerobics .

So , 6pm went to my CCA , the thing i hate most about my CCA was the fact we had to run bare footed around the school which i will definitely end up having blisters all over my foot .After all the running was the actual training with all the kickings , push ups and sit ups . We had to do arm sparring which was hitting each other arms with lots of strength and the worse part was we also had to spar with the seniors which was really painful because some seniors spar with all their might . In the end all our hands ended up with bruises on our arms and one of my friends bruise was really serious that it looks like someone just abused her . It’s 9 pm which marks the end of the CCA ! The whole Cca group went to Macdonalds for supper because the next day was a holiday ! Thanks to my friend , my old nickname in secondary school started again …

Well , basically what i can officially announce is MONDAYS WILL BE MY MOST TIRING DAY OF ALL!

Kids nowadays …

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What triggered me to write this post was the event that happened infront of my eyes. It first started off when two young kids were walking pass me and the older brother just used his fist to hit his younger brother’s back and the sound that was gave off was super loud and you can imagine the pain on his brother back . It was so painful that the brother couldn’t walk properly and knelt onto the floor and started crying. At this point many eyes were focusing onto this scene . The next thing that came to my mind was ” where is this boy’s mother ?” Only when the brother walked towards the benches where his mother was seated then only i knew that was his mother , i felt disappointed as the mother just sat onto the bench as if lazy to move to even care for the younger brother , she just left him kneeling there until he was able to limp back to them . The only thing that the mother did was just scolding the older brother , worse comes to worse was the older brother rebelled really strongly as if it wasn’t his fault , judging by the boy looks he is like merely seven to eight years old ? Even at this age , he is already this rebellious what will he be when he grow up. The family started to make the move and the older brother still continues to argue with his mother and then this is where the real action took place , the appearance of these two kids dad. The dad started to question him , and various of loud talking took and place and the older brother continues to rebel against his father and the older brother just walked away . I guess thats when his father snapped , the boy’s dad just flung away the groceries that was on his hand and just stomped towards the boy pin pointing him and that was when the older brother started crying , the father started hitting the older brother and when the whole thing was over the older brother started limping .

I believe that the father who reprimanded the son was right because , being so rebellious the son should be taught a lesson or else he would continue his way of thinking and when he grows up he would be the type who will bully people , but i think that the father’s way of scolding the boy was a bit over because if the boy was limping that just means that the father really hit the boy really hard causing him to limp. Seriously i family upbringing of a child is really important .

Well , that’s all i have to talk about .

The Lion King

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After watching this musical , there is one word to describe this show ,  Fantastic. When i first heard that Lion King Musical is coming to singapore , my mind was already set on buying the tickets . The moment i stepped into the theatre hall i was really filled with excitement and when the show started , i was blown away by the amazing props and the the singer who played Rafiki who is a woman , her voice was really strong and unique . The props of this musical was also awesome such as they use humans joined together with the props to depict the animals and those people who controlled these props , made the animal look alive by the way they move were similar to how the actual animal would move. Another thing i liked about this show was that , the actors were near the audience such as the animals entering from the main entrance and not from the stage whereby you get to see the props and actors close up .

The people who played the Adult Simba , Scar , Nala , Rafiki and Timon , their voices were still perfect despite singing almost everyday since march. Their unique voices was what made the songs in this musical really awesome and nice. Another interesting fact about this musical was they added Singapore elements into it. The first character who added in the Singapore element was Zazu , saying ” I see a merlion” and saying ” Ni hao ” which was a chinese word. In the next half of the show , Timon said ” Thank you, ” in chinese and also ” A round of applause for me ,” in chinese . These elements added in comedy which i believe makes Lion King unique and different from the usual Musicals.

Nearing the end of the show , was another amazing scene whereby they made the face of Mufasa with different parts of the props which really made me amazed. The settings , props and singers of this musical was really good. If i have extra cash , i would watched it another time because it is worth the price to watch this Musical.

That’s all i have to say ,